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Before, I never think a commoner like me can read someone's character, because in my understanding, it required a special skills and learning to be able to read someone's character properly and besides it required lack of prejudice and sincere mind and heart to be able to fairly read it.

I used to think that all of this knowledge and past wisdoms is nothing, but recent experiences had opened my eyes, few of them is, when one day some people that's gifted with an ability told me that I had this Queen like subconscious that needed to be honed and the other is when a friend of mine that kept asking me "what is my zodiac or my ex boyfriends zodiac is" told me that I needed to have standard of where I needed to place myself in.

Based on few of this experiences I became aware that God give us so many clues and helpful signs and knowledge for us to use in navigating our life. I became interested on how all of this can give me an insight towards someone character, using all of this sign and clues to help me analyze to whom I can get closer in sharing all of my stories and to whom I can just be friend with casually.

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Here, I tried to learn reading about people characters through zodiac wisdom combined with information about their birth etc. And I also embedded the table filled with its division and such :

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Of course, with all of this, it's still considered not enough to say that his or hers character is as what we assumed to, it's only a hard raw assumption based on past wisdoms that's gathered since a long time ago. But this is what I felt and experienced, when I met all of this people through out my life, there's some that comes from me reading  some source that's available, and some that came from my own experience when I met with someone.

To know about someone's character before we get closer to someone is important for me. Especially if we decide to being more than an acquitance or going to work cooperatively with that people. Of course on a work relationship, this is all just a spice of life, professionalism is still the main core on this kind relationships.

By knowing someone's character, the approach that we took towards that person whatever it used for, will be useful to avoid unwanted things such as quarrels or misunderstandings. I've met a lot of people after realising this and for some, after I spoke with them for a while, I think I manage to guess that person character more or less.. It's not always a 100% correct reading since trying to read someone's character is not as easy as turning our palm down but it still useful to know about this things, although it doesn't guarantee that we'll have a smooth relationship with that person, it's all still worth to try.

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