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Princess Disney by Zodiac Sign

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I was with my best friend Victoria, we were talking about the Disney Princess. It turned out that all the Disney Princess also has a zodiac sign. Already there are some analysis on Disney's princess by zodiac. And after a long discussion, we start to analyze them one by one and can be summed up as follows (The text shown in blue, is the result of my analysis with my best friend.) :

Aries : (my sister Melanie) Princess Jasmine "Alladin"
Aries are known to be very friendly and outgoing people who stand up for what they believe in. Jasmine swagged her way into the castle to tell her father she wasn’t some prize to be won. They are somewhat vulnerable and are a little too trusting, which is why Aladdin managed to trick her into believing he was a prince. Like a true Aries, Jasmine did not hold that grudge for long.
Jasmine is a very energetic daughter. She was never afraid of anything, to get the her true love. She even helped Alladin while fighting with Jafar. She does not care about caste Alladin only a thief at first.

Taurus (my good friend Chychy) : Princess Cinderella
Cinderella, like a Taurus, accepts her role and doesn’t complain. She actively does her chores and never says a word about it. A Taurus is compassionate, reliable and dependable: all traits that Cinderella possesses. She takes the abuse from her family without speaking up for herself, displaying her emotional strength.
Cinderella believed that goodness and cling to the dream, will do good. Although Cinderella will fight tooth and nail, she tends to surrender to circumstances, so the fairy godmother help her to reach her dream.

Gemini : Princess Mulan
Geminis famous for consistent tendency and fickle them. #gemini is a symbol of two personalities. Mulan in the form of true Gemini. 
Mulan can double play, to be a woman as well disguised as a man. For the sake of her ambition in order to be a soldier. Because a soldier in that era to be a man.
Mulan do not hesitate to cut her hair to look like men. Mulan join war games at that time taboo for a woman. All for the sake of ambition.

Cancer : Princess Tiana "The Princess and Frog
Tiana, just like a Cancer, is a hard-headed heroine who works hard and displays focus and drive. She doesn’t let her emotions get in the way and is successful at putting up a front. Despite being sensitive by nature, a Cancer works hard at creating a tough exterior.
Cancer of the famous weepy, and can not be alone. It's easy to fall in love, even to a frog. However, due to her sincerity in love, frog who is a prince who was cursed to change back into a prince.

Leo : Meg "Hercules"
A Leo loves to play the role of the leader and detests being bored. Meg, just like a Leo, has no problems telling Hercules and Hades exactly how things are. She loves Hercules with all of her heart and makes a real, genuine effort, just like a true Leo does in romantic situations.
Meg is one of the few heroes of Disney that does not change his clothes for the film. Meg is the only hero Disney has sold her soul, so she is also one of her Disney Princess who has a bad side that is between following the Hercules or Hades. Megara is actually the daughter of the king of Thebes, and had a daughter with Hercules in the call Hebe.

Virgo (my sister Lala) : Princess Aurora "Sleeping Beauty"
A Virgo tends to be gentle and tries not to rock the boat. Virgos are very quiet, which is why Aurora is a fitting princess for this zodiac sign. She is very dependable by always being in the same place and is extremely sincere, as you can see when the prince awakens her.
Princess Aurora is famous for her kindness and wisdom. She was willing to sleep for hundreds of years, until the prince kisses her life. Princess Aurora is very wise to know that he will go through periods of unhappy having to part with Prince Philip. She lived out her destiny.

Libra : (my best friend Ima) Princess Rapunzel
Libras are often considered restless people, which is a trait displayed by Rapunzel as she is stuck in a tower every day of her life. They are happiest when surrounded by others, which is why Rapunzel is often depressed. In true Libra fashion, she strategically weighs out her options in devising a plan to escape from her tower.
Princess Rapunzel did a lot for love of her life. But she was much weigh and think what she should do. As should cut her long hair beautiful. Rapunzel tends to wait to do it first approached the prince. More resigned to accept the state's confined in a locked tower, until at last the prince had to save her.

Scorpio (me and my beautiful niece Verren) : Princess Ariel "Little Mermaid"
Scorpio women hate restrictions and being unable to choose the path they desire. All Ariel wants to do is break free from her mermaid tail and live the life of a human. She goes to great lengths to make her dreams a reality as she makes a deal with the devil, so to speak.
Princess Ariel is the princess of a mysterious kingdom under the sea. In while she falls in love with a prince, she willing to do anything for her true love. Even when she had lost her voice and beautiful tail, which is her true identity as a mermaid. Princess Ariel chose rather die, than not married Prince Eric.

Sagitarius : Pocahontas
Known for their animal loving natures, it should come as no surprise that Pocahontas is representing this zodiac sign. People of this sign are known for their great communication skills, which she more than demonstrates in her efforts to maintain peace in the movie. Just like a Sagittarius, Pocahontas falls in love easily and deeply with John Smith.
Because it is not smart to communicate, Pocahontas had to lose her true love and the last is the life. When it was rumored that John Smith had died, Pocahontas finally decided to become a Christian and was renamed Rebecca. Then she was married John Rolfe. Not unexpectedly, during his visit to London, she was reunited with John Smith. In 1616, John, Rebecca and their son traveled to Britain and the British people welcomed them with a very festive. As they prepared to return to Virginia in 1617, Pocahontas became ill and died. She then buried in England.

Capricorn : (my best friend Evelin) Princess Elsa "Frozen"
Capricorns by nature are intelligent, ambitious and determined. These qualities are completely reflective of Princess Elsa from the Disney film “Frozen.” Princess Elsa was so stubborn and scary because of her ambition. princess Elsa was cold and did everything just go with logic and mind, without feelings. In fact she was willing to go alone, because it is so depressed with the situation herself.
Elsa always feel guilty about what happened in the kingdom. princess Elsa can not realize that herself is actually going to be a savior for her kingdom. Princess Elsa afraid royal existing rules, and the decisions She would make.

Aquarius : Princess Snow White
An aquarius is very accepting of all types of people and is a humanitarian. Snow White walks into the seven dwarfs’ home and cleans it without any knowledge of who lives there. Snow White isn’t put off by the appearance of the little men and doesn’t even entertain the thought that others would look at them differently.
Princess Snow White likes to give surprises seven dwarfs. She gave thanks to the seven dwarfs who had let her stay at home dwarfs. Show White did everything with enthusiasm and cheerful. She knows how to return the favor.

Pisces (my best friend Victoria) : Princess Belle "Beauty and The Beast"
Belle is the daughter of an inventor; she is a creative, introverted soul. She’s stubborn and she doesn’t succumb to the false charms of Gaston because she looks beyond shiny façades. She’s a patron of the arts and an avid reader and singer. Belle, a typical Pisces, has sass and spunk, but stays cool and collected in stressful situations. Belle isn’t impressed by wealth, but cares for others, even sometimes at the expense of herself. Belle carves her own path and when she puts her mind to something, no one can stop her.
Belle can not express love, if that state does not force. Belle harbored feelings for Belle feel confident to face the Beast characters are loud and rude.

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If we follow the zodiac above, #Scorpio is Princess Ariel. But when I attended a quiz about the Princess, the answer is Princess Aurora LOL. Do you want to know as well as what the Princess is in yourself? You can access them via the links below.

Princess Aurora is a Sleeping Beauty, is a princess whose character, not easily seen because it does not always correspond with her zodiac. She's good and sometimes she did spend a lot of time to sleep LOL.

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